DownUnder Honey is a family-owned and operated business in the Manawatu, near Cheltenham, New Zealand. With our team of beekeepers, we manage beehives around the lower North Island. 

​The bees are sited in different types of areas to collect honey from flowers on farmland to native bush and manuka.

​We process honey in our modern premises under a registered New Zealand Food Safety Programme (RMP) based on HACCP principles.

​Honey products are available for sale in local retail outlets plus our online store. We ship to most international destinations, for a price and minimum order quantity use the Contact Us form.

​If you are interested in becoming a distributor or supplying our honey to your business please fill out the Wholesale forms.


High Quality Production

With state of art production facility, we take pride in providing the quality of the highest standard guaranteed.

Lead Time Assurance

Our efficient production facility, ensures timely lead time for all the incoming orders.

Reliable Service

Excellent customer services is our main scope. We take special care of the customer experience.


Producers of 100% pure
New Zealand Honey

Industry News

Sustainable beekeeping, honey and its health benefits are topical in New Zealand and worldwide! Check out the articles below to see the latest news and publications on this.

Shop From Top-Notch Premium Quality Honey Supplier – Down Under Honey

DownUnder Honey Ltd. is a New Zealand-based company that is a prominent premium quality honey supplier of the world. This is a family-owned, operated, and managed business and we are among the top private label honey suppliers nationally and internationally. We bring the highest quality honey to our valued clients so they can differentiate us that why we call ourselves a Brand. We specialize in making unpasteurized honey through our own systematic setup of beehives. Our unpasteurized honey is obtained from the flowers of native bush and manuka present in the farmland. The quality of our honey meets all the global quality standards. We make it under a registered food safety program called RMP, based on HACCP principles in modern premises. 

What Makes Us the Best Private Label Honey Supplier?

The reason for our honey being exported to all the parts of the world in bulk is that we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers, and for that, we have taken every possible step. We have highly trained beekeepers who are the masters of their work. Our beehives have all the characteristics that are ideal for the maximum production of premium quality honey. After the bees are done with their work, we collect the raw honey to process it further, but we don’t pasteurize it. We do minimal processing that is in fact required for the honey to stay fresh for a good time. Otherwise, we believe in no pasteurization of the honey as it helps the raw honey remain raw and hold onto its natural nutrients. 

Avail Wholesale Rates Globally. Request Us Your Requirements

We have the strongest hives and effective beekeeping techniques to ensure that the quality of the honey we provide is unmatchable. The price for the quality that we provide is very cost-effective and beyond excellence. We have gained quite the hype as one of the best among all the other OEM honey manufacturers for our honey that is being used by well-known companies in the manufacturing of their products. Our wholesale honey rates make it very cost-effective for companies to buy honey from us for the production of their goods rather than manufacturing honey of their own. Among all the OEM honey manufacturers, we are the only ones who cater to all the requirements of the companies to help them put up with their quality standards. 

Low MOQ And Easy Shipment:

We offer fast and easy shipment of honey at global wholesale honey rates. We ship everywhere in the world without any custom delay issues; therefore, bringing you fast and easy shipment. We provide very compatible low minimum order quantity to our customers. You won’t find such quality products at such wholesale rates that too with the facility of low minimum order quantity. We strive to satisfy our customers with our products. You can also become a distributor or supplier of our honey in any part of the world.