What is Mānuka honey

Mānuka honey has significantly more benefits than other types of honey, hence why it is so popular and sought after. All honeys contain Hydrogen peroxide which will inhibit bacterial growth, however Manuka Honey also contains unique antibacterial and anti inflammatory compounds.

Mānuka Honey, is native to New Zealand and is considered one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the global market. Mānuka is the Maori name for the New Zealand native tree (Leptospermum scoparium) with a beautiful, sweet-smelling flower. While Leptospermum species do exist in other countries, it is believed that the unique climate, soils and plant adaptation results in New Zealand Mānuka plants producing a truly unique honey.
Honey bees collect nectar from these flowers and use it to produce the dark, unique flavour of Mānuka honey. It is a superfood and possesses a wide range of health benefits. Mānuka honey has been proven to provide antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It has historically been used for sore throats, joint pain, and improving digestive problems.

Real Mānuka honey

New Zealand is one of the cleanest natural environments in the world.

Agricultural products from New Zealand are highly regarded, sought-after, and accepted for their renowned quality and purity. Genuine Mānuka honey is exceptionally rare and unique to New Zealand. To ensure the purest product, it must be harvested, extracted, tested, and certified.

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Mānuka honey certification

MGO stands for the natural chemical methylglyoxal, sometimes referred to as MG. Methylglyoxal is the naturally occurring compound found and identified in genuine New Zealand Mānuka honey. This rating defines the strength and potency of the mānuka honey. Our Honey is graded using MGO levels, these are equivalent to the UMF or NPA grading systems as follows

          MGO RATING           UMF RATING
                   83           UMF 5+ 
                  263           UMF 10+
                  356           UMF 12+
                  514           UMF 15+
                  692           UMF 18+
                 829           UMF 20+

DownUnder Honey produces honey under a New Zealand Food Safety Risk Management Programme (RMP) through the Ministry of Primary Industries. As part of this process, DownUnder Honey is regularly audited to ensure New Zealand's high food safety standards are being met. All of our mānuka honey range is independently tested by a NZ Government approved laboratory to guarantee the level of MGO in each batch. Our Honey is also independently tested for compliance with the New Zealand Government Manuka Honey Standard. You can be sure that our mānuka honey is pure and genuine.

Health benefits

Since the discovery by Dr. Peter Molan over 20 years ago that New Zealand Mānuka honey has unique antibacterial properties, the properties of Mānuka honey have been studied extensively for its unique Health benefits.

Mānuka is a complex honey with many thousands of unique components that are characterised by its unusual thixotropic behaviour (it will form a jelly-like substance when set). Research has found Mānuka honey has multiple health benefits.


Wound healing is arguably the most well-known health property of Mānuka honey. Mānuka honey is often applied directly to the wound, topically or integrated within dressings. Resulting in an increased healing time and decreased pain.


Additionally, Mānuka honey has other uses within healthcare due to its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Research has found Mānuka honey aided the wound health process in tissues regeneration, diabetic ulcers, superficial partial-thickness burns and eyelid wounds.

Coughs &

Mānuka honey soothes a sore throat. The age-old honey remedy of a hot lemon and honey drink to soothe a cold has now been supported by research. One study found honey was more effective than non-prescription cough syrup for children.


Mānuka honey has an impact on digestive health due to its antiviral properties. Studies found evidence of the ability of Mānuka honey to protect against gastric ulcers due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Mānuka honey also has potential as a prebiotic as it contains oligosaccharides, which improve the levels of good bacteria within our digestive system.


Research into Mānuka honey and viruses such as COVID-19 highlight Mānuka honey's ability to inhibit enveloped virus growth due to the MGO compound. Additionally, Mānuka honey showed sensitivity against influenza A and B. Therefore, research is ongoing but suggests that enveloped viruses may be sensitive to virucidal compounds within honey such as MGO.

Mānuka &

Research into Mānuka honey's antiviral ability has begun and is showing promising results. Research has found Mānuka honey effectively inhibited influenza viruses.

DownUnder Honey

DownUnder Honey Mānuka is produced in New Zealand.
Carefully traced from Hive to Jar to ensure its quality and purity

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Luscious And Flavourful Premium Quality Manuka Honey Supplier – DownUnder Honey

DownUnder Honey Ltd. is a prominent New Zealand-based manufacturer of manuka honey. We are the premium quality manuka honey supplier as the manuka trees present in New Zealand are uniquely rare and distinctively different from all the manuka trees around the world. Along with this, the climate, soil, and plant adaptation that the manuka tree has found in New Zealand is the other reason for its unique taste and health benefits. Our manuka honey health benefits are beyond comparison with any other manuka honey in the world. It is so popular and sought after for the health benefits that it provides due to the presence of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds in it.      

Why Is Our Manuka Honey Is Highly Regarded for Its Health Benefits?

Manuka honey cure has been an age-long practice for the majority of health problems. The scientific reason behind this is that this type of honey has such improved and excessive anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds in it that it has surpassed all the other types of honey. Our Manuka honey cure is a proven natural method to cure problems like healing wounds, specifically tissue regeneration, diabetic ulcers, superficial partial-thickness burns, and eyelid wounds; you must get our honey as it can solely provide all these benefits. Along with this, our honey can also cure colds and coughs, is proven to have a significant impact on our digestive system, and is extremely good for your skin. In the time of COVID, our honey was being used by people to inhibit viruses as it has such characteristics to fight against any type of virus.

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