Our Story

DownUnder Honey is a family owned beekeeping business based in the Manawatu, near Cheltenham, New Zealand.



With the team of DownUnder Honey honey is collected from the rugged back country to the remote bush throughout the lower North Island region.

DownUnder Honey has a related business to further promote sustainable beekeeping, the Trees for Bees Plant Nursery. The plant nursery supports the planting of flowering trees and plants to create more sustainable farmland and to supplement the existing ecosystem with pollen and nectar sources for bees and other wildlife. 

Since DownUnder Honey was founded in 2010 it has grown and is now home to over 1500 hives. These hives are located in New Zealand's native bush and the farming landscape of the lower North Island of New Zealand.



DownUnder Honey is committed to collecting honey from sites which are not intensively managed and supplying its customers with pure New Zealand honey to enjoy.