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  • Plain Manuka 125 MGO
  • Manuka + Lemon
  • Manuka + Lemon & Ginger
  • Manuka + Propolis & Echinacea
  • Manuka + Menthol


Manuka Honey Lozenges

Made with real honey and real fruit, dried through a proprietary vacuum process such that the Honey remains pure and natural. No added sugar, from80-90% honey solids.

Available in 5 flavors: plain, lemon, lemon and ginger, propolis and echinacea, and menthol. 

Made with MGO 125+ Multifloral Manuka Honey, certified by independent laboratories, and compliant with the New Zealand Government's Manuka standard.


Available in a box set of 16 tablets (44.8g) or as individual foils of 8 tablets.

Unbranded lozenges and private labels are available(MOQ may apply). Best stored at room temperature for optimum shelf life, temperatures over 25C can cause lozenges to soften, keep out of direct sunlight.


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