Our Honey

Clover Honey

Our Clover honey comes from the Manawatu, a farming region known for its dairy, sheep and cattle farms with fields of beautiful white clover that flowers during summer. Clover honey has a mild sweet flavour and is a popular table honey, perfect on toast for breakfast.

Wildflower Honey

Our Wildflower honey is a blend of many field sources that the bees collect through the summer from a variety of flowering plants. Wildflower honey is rich in flavour and the scent of summer.

Rewarewa Honey

Our Rewarewa honey comes from the pristine, native New Zealand bush in the Southern North Island of New Zealand. Rewarewa is New Zealand honeysuckle and flowers in the spring before the Manuka. It is an amber coloured honey with a full bodied, caramel-like flavour and naturally contains antioxidants. It's a favourite of local honey consumers, yet to be discovered by the International buyer.

Manuka Honey

Our Manuka honey comes from the renowned flower of Leptospermum scoparium, the New Zealand Manuka Tree. It is a thick, almost jelly like honey with a strong earthy or caramel flavour and distinctive aroma. Manuka typically has differing levels of methylglyoxal which has clinically proven anti-bacterial properties. This activity is referred to as MGO or NPA level (MGO expressed as a percentage).

Multifloral Manuka Honey

Manuka naturally exists alongside other flowering native trees in New Zealand forests, such as Kanuka and Rewarewa. Multifloral Manuka is a natural blend made by our busy bees containing Manuka and other nectar sources often providing a more mild flavoured honey that has many of the benefits of mono-floral Manuka.

Not all honeys are available in all markets. For details on what is available, please contact us.