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New Zealand Florals

New Zealand Florals

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New Zealand Florals:

  • New Zealand Florals 250g 
  • Kamahi Honey 250g, 500g
  • Kanuka Honey 250g, 500g
  • Tawari 250g, 500g
  • Clover Honey 250g 500g, 1000g


Clover Honey 

A sweet, mild honeyfrom clover and meadow flowers

Rewarewa (NZ Forest) 

A dark, stronger tasting honey found in the native bush,

Rewarewa is also known as NewZealand honeysuckle. Rewarewa is high in hydrogen peroxide which helps in healing and Fighting against bacteria

Kamahi Honey 

A sweet honey from Kamahi and bush

flowers with a buttery and toffee taste.

Kanuka Honey 

A lovely honey with a silky, light, sweet floral taste. Kanuka has proven anti inflammatory properties and is used in skin treatments


A light-coloured honey, it has a mild flavour and intense sweetness with tastes of butterscotch.


  • -250g
  • -500g
  • -1000g
  • -300kg Drum (Bulk Option)

Aromatic And Tasty Premium Clover Honey Provider – Downunder Honey

DownUnder Honey Ltd. is the hi-grade first-class New Zealand-based premium clover honey provider around the world. We produce sweet and mild clover honey from the clover and meadow flowers of the native bush present in the New Zealand farmlands. We are the only wholesale clover honey supplier that has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial compounds present in bulk in its clover honey. The health benefits that our clover honey provides are due to the bulk presence of these compounds. Our clover honey can't only be used as a great alternative to sugar, but it can also be used for all the exceptional health benefits that it provides if consumed moderately.    

Our Clover Honey's Health Benefits Are Beyond Comparison:

As the wholesale clover honey supplier, we strive to maintain the quality of our product. For that, we have improved our clover honey to such an extent that it, along with providing the regular honey cure, has some additional health benefits. Our clover honey contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and antioxidants that altogether improve human health. Some health benefits of our clover honey are that it helps in the regulation of blood pressure, it helps in curing diabetic wounds, it helps reduce hair fall, it is perfect for treating sleeping disorders, it acts as a natural skin moisturizer, it is good for your heart and nervous system, it maintains your cholesterol levels, and much more. All these qualities of our clover honey have made us become the leading wholesale clover honey exporter nationally and internationally. 

Premium Quality Wholesale Clover Honey Exporter Of The World:

The reason behind our hype as the best wholesale clover honey distributor is because of our bee hiving system. We have a quality-controlled systematic setup of beehives, and our beekeepers are outstanding in their work. We are able to produce premium quality clover honey in our beehives that don't require any extreme processing to meet the global quality standards. We do not pasteurize our clover honey as this step makes the honey lose its originality. As the prominent wholesale clover honey distributor, we produce high-grade clover honey with any added preservative and processing to maintain our quality standard.  

Why Choose Us?

Along with all the plus points about our clover honey, choosing us will give you a fast and easy shipment experience without any hustle and long wait. You can easily become a supplier of our clover honey as we offer OEM that too with private label choices. You can place your order with us with your own brand label on the product. Get clover honey from the leading premium clover honey provider, and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.