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Manuka Powder

Manuka Powder

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    Manuka Powder:
  • Consumer foils, 5-20g
  • Commercial bags 500-1000g


Honey on the go –

Honey powder can be used instead of sugar in tea or coffee or lemonade or in smoothies or in bakery items as a natural sweetener on the go.


Dehydrated honey tastes and looks good. There are so many ways to use this versatile product that you are sure to come up with your own uses quickly. You can use it in its dried form, or dissolve in water.


Dehydrated honey is an excellent alternative tore fined sugar because it contains many vitamins and minerals.


Honey Powder is versatile enough to be used in both wet and dry mixes, meaning its uses are nearly limitless. Replace processed sugar with a natural honey alternative. Its many commercial uses include confectionery, health food bars and snacks, soups, sauces, gravies, chocolate and dairy products. A perfect solution for industrial bakery needs




Available in consumer foils 5-20g, with or without a box set or in commercial 500g bags..

Manuka MGO 83+ available ex stock, other grade sand NZ Floral varieties by custom order.

Maltodextrin, an anticaking agent is typically added to stabalise the Honey Powder.

Our powder is dehydrated through a proprietary vacuum drying process hence the honey's natural goodness is retained.

Best stored refrigerated for optimum shelf life, temperatures over 25C can damage powder


All of our Honey is available as powder, customer order required.

MGO 83+ Powder 5g and 500g available ex stock

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