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Honey and planting trees for bees is a hot topic here in New Zealand. Here are some articles where DownUnder Honey and TreesforBees Plant Nursery feature.

March 2021

A media statement from Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor focuses on optimistic “red herrings” while ignoring the true problems facing the apiculture industry, beekeepers say.

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June 2020

An Irishwoman who was unlucky enough to catch the coronavirus on two separate occasions claims taking regular doses of manuka honey helped her battle through the potentially fatal virus.


September 2019

View the presentation Jason prior gave at the Central Regions group of Deer Industry New Zealand. It covers the basics of Trees for Bees and planting trees on farms.


August 2019

Listen to Jason Prior on Radio NZ's Country Life programme. He talks about beekeeping, our Trees for Bees Plant Nursery and planting cider trees. 

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July 2019

Jason Prior presented at the Manawatu Beekeepers Club (MBC) meeting and gave an overview of the TreesforBees Plant Nursery, what we do and what the nursery has available. Read the presentation here.


July 2018

Swapping corporate life for a living made off their own land: 
When Jason Prior steps out of his front door, he's at work. The bees swirling in the air in his flax-lined front paddock are part of his work crew. They are on the payroll, with their remuneration being pollen from the trees he grows specifically for them.

May 2017

Beekeeping began as a hobby. Page 6.
The purchase of a few beehives led to a change of lifestyle, location, and career for Jason and Amanda Prior.

Feb 2017

"The result of the (MPI) science programme is beekeepers cannot sell honey at the current time, most of the export packers have withdrawn from the market- period," said Jason Prior from family-owned honey business Downunder Honey.

Sep 2015

Farmers need to look after bees more by planting bee-friendly trees and shrubs, says a Manawatu bee keeper.

Oct 2015

Manuka honey producers seek same name protection accorded to champagne, scotch whiskey.

Nov 2012

During the visit at Waipiko farm in Cheltenham, Prince Charles also accepted the offer of a jar of Amanda and Jason Prior's honey he tasted in his tea.

May 2019

Jason Prior presented at the Manawatu-Whanganui Beef + Lamb NZ field day about the current state of the honey industry and opportunities for farmers. Read the presentation here.

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Nov 2012

Honey fit for royalty.

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