Honey vs Antibiotic For Cough & Cold - Honey Cure

Honey vs Antibiotic For Cough & Cold - Honey Cure

Honey is produced by bees using nectar extracted from flowers. People worldwide have appreciated the advantages of consuming honey for many years. Honey is offered pasteurized or raw and in different color grades. On average it comprises around 80 percent sugar.

People take honey from the beehive and directly bottle it. Therefore, honey might also comprise tiny amounts of pollen, wax, and yeast apart from sugar. Some research studies have found out that the consumption of honey might help with seasonal allergies and other diseases, and others have found out that honey can heal wounds.


Amazing Benefits Of Consuming Honey:


1. Heals Burns

A review done on 26 research studies involving 3011 persons with various wounds found out that honey might help heal burns.


2. Cures Stomach Diseases

A 2017 review study found out that honey helps relieve symptoms of Gastroesophageal reflux disease by covering the stomach lining and esophagus, therefore preventing the upward flow of gastric juice and food. In addition to that, honey can further stimulate the tissues found on the sphincter to help those tissues regrow and decrease the chances of acid reflux.


3. Fighting infections

A 2018 review study found out that Manuka honey can eliminate bacteria as it comprises properties like defense-1 proteins and hydrogen peroxide. In this manner, Manuka honey fights infections. The production of Manuka honey is done only in New Zealand, and therefore a large quantity of affordable New Zealand Manuka honey is supplied from New Zealand across the world.


4. Curing coughs and colds

A study done by scientists has claimed that consuming honey is a better treatment for colds than antibiotics. For a long time, honey has been known as a home remedy for helping alleviate colds and coughs, but a new study has found out that honey is potentially better than antibiotics for curing coughs.


Why Honey Is Better Than Antibiotics:


The University of Oxford's scientists found out in a study that honey is an efficient alternative to prescribed medicines, including over-the-counter medicines and antibiotics for treating mild respiratory illnesses.


In an analysis and review of 14 research studies, including the 1761 participants’ experiences, researchers discovered that honey was constantly quicker and more successful at enhancing symptoms, including severity and cough frequency, than the rest of the treatments.

Not only is honey a more effective cure for coughs than antibiotics but researchers have also claimed that it has no side effects practically. Antibiotic medicines are employed to prevent and treat bacterial infectious diseases worldwide. Nevertheless, the bacteria these medicines are employed for killing can become resistant.


This resistance is currently occurring worldwide, and an increasing number of infectious diseases are becoming tougher to cure. This results in greater medical costs; lengthier hospital stays and eventually more deaths. 

The overprescribing of antibiotics has led to a drug-resistant epidemic of infections and “superbugs” resistant to treatment, taking the lives of thirty-five thousand Americans every year.


The affordability and accessibility of honey are another reason why the authors of the study advise doctors that honey should be prescribed to ill patients instead of drugs.

The scientists have acknowledged that although honey has several combinations and variations, including herbal extracts, cough suppressant syrups, milk, and coffee, more research is needed in their analyzed studies.


Yet, they officially recommend doctors start prescribing honey to patients over antibiotics when they find it appropriate.


The information above tells you that consuming honey is better than consuming antibiotic medicines for treating coughs. It can be expected that the demand for honey will rise, especially for treating coughs. Therefore, you should start to become a premium quality honey supplier and supply honey across the world.


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